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For What You Do

Rutledge Wood takes a look into the lives of people who rely on Continental tires in order to pursue their passions.

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For What You Do: Sports Car Collector

Rutledge Wood spends some time with an enthusiast who shares his same passion: cars. Nick Thompson has an impressive sports car collection – one that includes a 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo. Not only did Rutledge get to take an up close look at the cars in Nick’s garage, the two took the Supra out on track at Atlanta Motorsports Park. They put the ExtremeContact Sport tire to the test during their track day and if you couldn’t tell from Rut’s big grin during his ride around the track, he was pretty thrilled about it.

For What You Do: Meals on Wheels Volunteer

Rutledge Wood joins Kathy Nichols, a Meals on Wheels volunteer, who has spent nearly 40 years serving the Charlotte, North Carolina community. Kathy was the first female police officer in Charlotte and served on the police force for over 40 years. Now retired, she rides on Continental’s TrueContact Tour tires while delivering meals to people in need. What Rutledge Wood quickly learns is that Kathy delivers much more than a meal – she makes a world a difference for each of the meal recipients as she fills their hearts with joy.

For What You Do: Camping and the Outdoors

Rutledge Wood spends the day with Lenny Stallings, a camping and outdoors enthusiast, who uses the TerrainContact A/T on his truck to pursue his passion of outdoor adventure. Rutledge accompanies Lenny on a day that includes pitching tents, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, and a final chat around the campfire. Rutledge guides us through Lenny’s story and while Rut isn’t necessarily considered an avid outdoorsman, he faired quite well in the great outdoors.