Camaro GT4.R Gets First Win in Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge

Camaro GT4.R Gets First Win in Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge


GS: 1st – No. 57 Stevenson Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R (Bell/Liddell); 2nd – No. 28 RS1 Porsche Cayman GT4 (Murcott/Machavern); 3rd – No. 69 Motorsports in Action McLaren GT4 (Green/Lazare);


ST: 1st - No. 56 Murillo Porsche Cayman (Mosing/Foss); 2nd – No. 44 CRG-I Do Borrow Nissan Altima (Cattaneo/Trinkler); 3rd – No. 37 MINI JCW Team MINI JCW (LaMarra/Vance)



  • This weekend marks the first time McLaren has assumed the entire front row in GS.
  • The Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R logged its first win in Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge competition.
  • Winning at CTMP extends the point’s lead for Jeff Mosing and Eric Foss in ST competition.



Take a look at some of our favorite photos from this weekend’s race – CTMP



Robin Liddell, No. 57 Stevenson Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R (finished P1 in GS) – “So happy for the team, the crew, everyone did a great job as always and everyone did a great job with this new car. It’s very last minute, this program, and the car is still going through some development but it performed flawlessly today. We have had some trouble with the car. To get this new Chevy Camaro GT4 on the top step – it’s the first win for this car globally – so it feels really, really good. Can’t tell you how happy we are. I’ve been with Stevenson for a long time and to get this car up here today feels really good. I don’t think we ever forgot how to win in a Camaro but here we are, we proved it today.


“It got pretty greasy about two-thirds of the way through the stint. I felt like I was pretty under control for the most part but then I got about 16 or 20 laps to go and I realized I lost some grip. The tires performed very, very well and stayed consistent but I was worried they were going to come behind us and put us under a lot of pressure. Fortunately I was able to keep the gap. I guess they were saving fuel and we were saving a little bit of fuel and still keeping that gap where it needed to be. The tires performed very well but the track was hot and greasy. I think the wind is keeping it cool but the track itself was pretty hot.”


Eric Foss, No. 56 Murillo Porsche Cayman (finished P1 in ST) – “Honestly, pretty crazy race this weekend. Jeff (Mosing, co-driver) is still recovering from his incident at Watkins Glen and it seemed like we missed the setup at the start of the race. Jeff was fading and I think fell back to 11th so I was actually pretty pessimistic and kind of grumbling a bit. I didn’t think we could get any better than ninth or 10th. The Murillo guys did an amazing job on the pit stop – took fuel and four Continental tires – and came out in fourth place. These guys make my job a lot easier! On the re-start, I just followed in behind James (Vance, driver of the No. 37), he kind of pushed a hole through for me and was kind of hoping I could get him to get a little aggressive and make a little mistake but he didn’t. Every time I would take a peek he would close the door. Finally, when we got down to T5, that was the biggest door I had seen so I decided I was going down in there and when he shut the door, I tried to avoid any contact. He’s not mad at me but I still feel bad about it. He drove a heck of a race, he’s an up and coming driver. You’ve got to take the wins when you can get them. The Murillo team was awesome, the Continentals were awesome, it was just phenomenal.


“The track temp came up the most it had been all weekend so that may have been what caught us a little. I just tried to manage and at the end, everything was as good as it could be. I’m really shocked we were able to win here.”


James Vance, No. 37 MINI JCW Team MINI JCW (finished P3 in ST) – “These guys are the best. I did everything I could and I don’t think I put a wheel wrong. Massive shout out to JWC team, without all these guys I wouldn’t be here. Eric (Foss, driver No. 56) made a move and I totally understand it. I probably would have done the same, that’s racin’. It’s good for the fans and good for the series. Ultimately we got some good points heading into Lime Rock.


“It got really greasy and coming out of 5B was my only place to get a run anywhere. I couldn’t get from the entry to off, (the car) was understeering. I think we did the best we could today.”



The Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge travels to Lime Rock Park. Catch all the action LIVE on IMSA Radio, Friday, July 21, 2017.