Continental Tire Pit Notes - Lime Rock

Continental Tire Pit Notes - Lime Rock

20Jul 2017




WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (GTLM & GTD) – July 22, 2017

Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge – July 21, 2017



Lime Rock Park – 1.5-mile, 7-turn road course                                                                     



WeatherTech SportsCar Championship – 2 hours and 40 minutes

Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge – 2 hours



WeatherTech SportsCar Championship –GTD teams will receive 8 sets.


Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge – there is no set limit for the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge.



Continental Tire has designated Blacks as the dry tire to be raced at Lime Rock Park. If teams move to wet tires, the GTD class will move to Blacks. This is the same tire that teams are currently scheduled to run at all other tracks (Daytona is the lone exception).


The Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge races the same compound at all tracks in 2017.




  • 2,150+ - Number of tires brought to the track (dry and wet) for both series.


  • 10% - Rain chances currently sit at 10% both days. Let’s hope we keep those Continental wet tires in the truck this week!


  • 162 – That’s the number of laps the GTD leader has completed in the last three races run at Lime Rock Park.


  • 5-in-a-row – Mazda has won the ST class the last five years at Lime Rock (Clunie/Kleinubing ’12; Miller/Nunez ’13; Dwyer/Long ’14; MacAleer/McCumbee ’15 & ’16).


  • Double – The Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge had repeat winners in GS and ST the last two years at Lime Rock. Scott Maxwell and Billy Johnson partnered to give Ford wins in GS while Steven MacAleer and Chad McCumbee partnered to give Mazda wins in ST. There will be no three-peat in GS but there could be in ST.






  • Race Tires vs. Street Tires - Compared to the ExtremeContact Sport street tire the ExtremeContact Dry Race tire treads are thin. In fact, they are about one-quarter of the depth of a traditional tire on a passenger vehicle. The sidewalls are thinner and the tire weighs half of what a street tire weighs. To reduce weight, the race tire will not be produced with antioxidants for example. Antioxidants are used in the sidewall of a passenger car tire to prevent cracking. Because a race tire doesn’t last that long, antioxidants don’t need to be used thus, saving weight! Another interesting fact, 300 miles on a race tire is equivalent to upwards of 60,000 miles on a street tire. Also of note, Continental ExtremeContact Dry Race tires are filled with dry air versus the standard, air, a passenger car tire is filled with.


  • Staggered Camber – Lime Rock is a backwards oval. The only left turn is Turn 3 so you will see the cars with a staggered camber set-up similar to a NASCAR race car (except backwards). Generally cars will be running a 3 ½ negative camber on the left front and a 2 ½ negative camber on the right front. At other tracks, cars will typically run 3 ½ negative camber on both the left and the right front.




**For full transcriptions of our round table, please click here for Lime Rock.



Katherine Legge, driver No. 93 Michael Shank Racing w/Curb-Agajanian Acura NSX GT3 - For me, specifically, it is a track I have only ever raced at once, so I am watching video and doing sim work to try and get back up to speed there. I am lucky to have three great teammates to help me too, as they all have a lot of experience there. It’s a very fast and unique track that has only one slow chicane section but all cars seem to be within a very small margin of each other. It will be a tough race.


Ben Keating, driver No. 33 Mercedes-AMG Team Riley Motorsports Mercedes-AMG GT3 - This is the shortest track we go to. One lap takes less than a minute. You can't pit under green without going down a lap. This makes the strategy really unique and challenging.



Katherine Legge, driver No. 93 Michael Shank Racing w/Curb-Agajanian Acura NSX GT3 - So far this year MSR has been very switched on with strategy and by taking only two tires in Detroit we leapfrogged the leader and won the race. I am not sure until we get there how our strategy will play as we will have to learn about tire degradation in practice. It is a very tough track on tire loads as there are many fast corners. Luckily we have some of the best in the business designing our tires to withstand those loads and keep us safe.


Ben Keating, driver No. 33 Mercedes-AMG Team Riley Motorsports Mercedes-AMG GT3 - It really depends on how the race unfolds. Because a lap is so short and track position is so important, this is definitely a track where we might consider a 2-tire change or a double stint on the Continentals. I have seen this race won on tire strategy and I've seen it lost on tire strategy. Short laps make it difficult to call.  The easiest place to pass other cars is in the pits!