Hot, Greasy Track Conditions Don’t Slow Continental Tires

Hot, Greasy Track Conditions Don’t Slow Continental Tires

23Jul 2016
  • Starworks battles hot, greasy track conditions to finish first in PC.
  • Andy Lally goes from fifth to first in a mere minutes to capture second win of the season for Magnus Racing.


Lakeville, CT – July 23, 2016.  The ambient temperatures were well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and track conditions reached 140 degrees Fahrenheit at this week’s IMSA race creating hot, greasy track conditions. The Continental tires met the demands placed upon them as drivers fought for every inch of track they could get. It was some of the tightest racing of the year that could only be provided compliments of Lime Rock Park.


Prototype Challenge (PC) Recap

1st - No. 8 Starworks Motorsport ORECA FLM09 (Popow/van der Zande); 2nd - No. 52 PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports ORECA FLM09 (Alon/Kimber-Smith); 3rd - No. 38 PerformanceTech Motorsports ORECA FLM09 (French/Marcelli)


The Prototype Challenge (PC) class got off to a rocky start as the field came to the green when contact left debris on the track. The Starworks machine quickly jumped into the lead and pursued their third win of the season from the front. Extreme traffic and several cautions wreaked havoc on the field but the duo of Alex Popow and Renger van der Zande remained calm and navigated their No. 8 machine to victory lane.


Grand Touring Daytona (GTD) Recap

1stNo. 44 Magnus Racing Audi R8 LMS GT3 (Potter/von Moltke/Lally); 2nd – No. 6 Stevenson Audi R8 LMS GT3 (Davis/Liddell); 3rd– No. 33 Riley Motorsports Dodge Viper GT3-R (Keating/Bleekemolen)


Traffic plagued the 2:40 race at Lime Rock and when you start in the back of the field, with minimal places to pass, you need great pit stops and strategy to get you to the end and that’s what Magnus Racing did. Porches led the GTD field for the first part of the race before the No. 33 Riley Motorsports Dodge Viper GT3-R assumed the number one position with Jeroen Bleekemolen behind the wheel of the Ben Keating started machine. Andy Lally took over the No. 44 Magnus Racing Audi R8 LMS –R GT3-R from John Potter and stalked his prey from the fifth-place position for several laps just managing his tires. With less than 20 minutes to go, Lally made a huge move and dodged his way from fifth to first in a matter of minutes to take the win over the No. 6 Stevenson Motorsports Audi R8 LMS GT3-R and the No. 33 Viper.



  • This was Starworks third win of the season and seventh podium in a row.

  • The Magnus Win marked Andy Lally’s fourth win at Lime Rock Park.

  • There were five cautions for a total of just over 36 minutes.




    Take a look at some of our favorite photos from this weekend’s race – Lime Rock Park



Renger van der Zande, No. 8 Starworks ORECA FLM 09 (finished P1 in PC) – “I really like this place. Every time we have to fight through traffic a lot and I think after driving for three years in this series I know the GTD and GTLM’s quite well and whether they are going to go this way or that way. It’s a bit of a cooperation. Alex (Popow, co-driver) did a fantastic job giving me the car in P2, the team did a fantastic job giving us a very quick pit stop. The track conditions was not easy. Everything offline, the track started sliding around a lot. The No. 5 of Tom Kimber-Smith was great because I had a 10-second lead and at the end, we had a .5-second lead. All together I’m happy.”


Tom Kimber-Smith, No. 52 PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports ORECA FLM09 (finished P2 in PC) – “Just adding the GTLM from last year made it a lot busier than what we thought it would be. Robert (Alon, co-driver) did an awesome job and we led a lot of it. We were hoping for a longer green in the middle of the race but it didn’t really affect us. I got in right behind Renger (van der Zande, driver No. 8) and just bad traffic. I think Renger’s teammate in the No. 88 held me up for three laps and Johnny (Mowlen), who was a couple of laps down, decided to get involved with our little battle so I was quite disappointed in that. But hey, second-place!”


Andy Lally, No. 44 Magnus Racing Audi R8 LMS GT3 (finished P1 in GTD) – “Let’s start 10 days ago, I wrecked the car huge at Canada and this crew went to work and put in some early mornings and late nights putting this car back together better than it’s ever been. We sat down with Lars and came up with quite the strategy and setup to favor all the right-hand turns and we would have a ton of downforce so we would be really good late in the stint because we knew the tires were going to go off because it’s hot and greasy. Our Continental’s lasted great, obviously, a lot better than everyone else’s because we were smart about it and conserved in the beginning and John (Potter, co-driver) opened with an amazing stint and ran us in the top two or three cars and we had a decent pit stop and then some crazy battles after that.”


Robin Liddell, No. 6 Stevenson Motorsports Audi R8 LMS GT3 (finished P2 in GTD) – “Very greasy, very hot. I obviously did the Continental race this morning so I kind of knew what to expect from that. That was really tough with the heat in the car and another race later in the day. One race too many in a day. Andrew (Davis, co-driver) did a super job at the start and really drove the best race I’ve seen him drive to get back up front. Unfortunately we lost a bit of position in the pits. But nonetheless, second podium in a row. The Continental tires performed extremely difficult conditions today so hats off to them.”










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