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Celebrate the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team

We watch soccer. We sponsor soccer. We LOVE soccer.
Here, we share that love with you.

Courage on and off the field

Samantha Mewis

Crystal Dunn

Merritt Mathias

Jessica McDonald


US Soccer

#USWNT Q&A: Which teammate over-packs on trips?

When it comes to over packing, everyone agrees there's one #USWNT fashion guru who stands above the rest.

#USWNT Q&A: Which teammate talks about their pet the most?

It's totally normal to spy on your dog through the nanny cam. These #USWNT players can attest.

#USWNT Q&A: Which teammate would you pick first to play on your dodgeball team?

Wanted: fearlessly competitive beasts with a "cannon as a throw" for the #USWNT dodgeball team we never knew we needed.

#USWNT Q&A: Who is the most talkative person on the bench?

These #USWNT players aren't afraid to use their voices, especially while cheering on their teammates.

This is MLS

MLS Players Celebrate National Pet Day

New York New York

MLS Players wish Happy Mother's Day!!