“One More Ride,” Dinner with Racers Podcast Continues for Season Three

“One More Ride,” Dinner with Racers Podcast Continues for Season Three

27Jul 2017

Nearly two years and 57 episodes after their first road trip together, “Dinner with Racers” hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman will be at it again. Embarking on yet another road trip this Fall, the duo will once again be rolling on Continental tires for the third consecutive season. While much of the podcast format will be the same as the last two seasons, the team is proud to announce a series of new initiatives, including the launch of an official guest submission contest, as well as other fan contests to be revealed as they get closer to hitting the road.


“I can’t believe we’re doing this again,” stated co-host Eversley. “It’s honestly a lot of fun to do this, and in many ways very refreshing. The enthusiasm we find in every guest we meet, no matter how accomplished, is incredible, and something that reminds us both how great it is to work in this sport. The only thing more satisfying is the tremendous fan response we’ve had over the years. We honestly had no clue how many people would not only listen, but respond so positively, and for that we couldn’t be more grateful. This year we’re trying to do a little more to include our fan-base, we hope they enjoy it.”


“I agree, it’s a lot of fun,” continued Heckman. “For the first week.”


Continuing the same format as the first two seasons, “Dinner with Racers” will involve a large, cross-country road trip this fall, with Eversley, a full-time competitor in the World Challenge series for RealTime Racing’s Acura NSX GT3 program, and Heckman, a partner in TMB Creative, Inc., a marketing firm that services a number of motorsport clients.


The duo will be making numerous stops along the way to have dinner with people in the racing industry, from drivers to team owners, engineers and industry veterans. Sitting down and recording an unstructured, free flowing conversation, the podcast series is notorious for divulging untold stories, no shortage of bad jokes, and generally giving fans an unfiltered view of what it’s like to sit down “to dinner” with some of their racing heroes.


New to this season will be a series of fan-involved contests and programs. First, the expansion of several staff members allows the team to finally accept proper guest submissions for fans and representatives alike. Most important to this, is the team’s commitment to allowing the first ever “fan vote” for their favorite racer, with the “Dinner With Racers” team committed to bringing on the most-voted guest via their website.


Fans can submit their guest recommendations here - www.dinnerwithracers.com/myracer


While the series will continue courtesy of support from Continental Tire, who has partnered with the podcast since day one, additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Visit www.dinnerwithracers/bribes for more information.


Official updates on the series can be found at www.dinnerwithracers.com, as well as Facebook (Dinner with Racers), Twitter (@DWRshow), and Instagram (@dinner_with_racers). More entertaining and unofficial updates can be found via Ryan Eversley (twitter: @RyanEversley  Instagram: @eversley) and Sean Heckman’s (@SeanHeckman) personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.