Erik Valdez and Verne Troyer Have Fun on ContiSportContact 5Ps

What do you get when you take two actors to Willow Springs with an Audi and a Ford Boss 302 Mustang? A whole lot of fun! You may recognize Verne...

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Road Trips: It’s Not the Destination, It’s About the Journey

The hum of the engine fills your ears and the smell of the crisp, cool air fills your body with an invigorating freshness while the sun shines down...

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How To Do A Smokey Burnout

It’s a car enthusiasts dream. Sitting behind the wheel of a high-powered muscle car, revving the engine in a way that you can feel the horses...

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ExtremeContact DWS06 Put to the Test on Hot Rod Power Tour

First a disclaimer. When we sent Ryan Eversley on the Hot Rod Power Tour this year we sent him without one very important thing…a car. Yep, Ryan...

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