Continental Tire Continues to Support Charity Ball

Continental Tire Continues to Support Charity Ball

25Jun 2018

Fort Mill, S.C.

Fort Mill, S.C. – Having first joined forces with Ethan King’s Charity Ball organization in 2014 to provide new quality soccer balls to children in poverty-stricken communities around the world, Continental Tire continues its efforts to spread the love of soccer – one soccer ball at a time.

King, now a sophomore soccer player at Butler University in Indianapolis, began his organization – Charity Ball – at just 10 years of age and has since delivered thousands of soccer balls to children in need in over 45 countries.  

This year, King and his father Brian hand delivered 200 soccer balls in Russia from July 8-14, during the final week of the World Cup. Together, the duo visited six different locations where children either don’t have access to or don’t have the money for a soccer ball.

“This is something that I’ve been passionate about ever since I was a little kid,” said King. “We want these kids to know that they matter. A soccer ball has the power to unlock potential beyond the poverty they are faced with. To see their faces light up and to kick the ball around with them for a while is so rewarding. Soccer has the power to unite races, awaken self-worth and help children cope with hardship and loss. It can empower big dreams and give the next generation a reason to pursue a more beautiful life and world.”

And if handling the efforts of Charity Ball, playing college soccer, and keeping up with his studies isn’t enough to keep the college student busy, King is also launching a campaign to raise $25K. The project is called “A Reason To Believe.” It will provide clean drinking water to 7,500 people and source a youth soccer tournament for 500 kids in Kenya this winter.

“What Ethan has done over the years is simply amazing,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental Tire. “Taking his passion for the game of soccer and turning that into a successful cause marketing campaign at just 10-years-old, and then launching the organization into what it is today, is commendable. We’re proud to support Ethan and Charity Ball and hope that others will do the same.”

Keep up with King’s Charity Ball efforts on the organization’s Twitter, @TeamCharityBall.

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