Dinner With Racers - Where To Eat

Dinner With Racers - Where To Eat

02Sep 2016

*Retrace the steps of Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman and eat where the racers do on "Dinner With Racers".


When we sent Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge driver, Ryan Eversley, and Sean Heckman, partner in TMB Creative, Inc., out for a 30 day road trip, we didn’t know what to expect. They told us they’d like to get to know some racers better and in order to do that, they needed to do a 30 day, 8,000 mile road trip in an Acura fitted on Continental’s CrossContact LX20 tires. They said if they talked with these racers over dinner…they’d get the real scoop. And that’s just what they did.


So, 20 states and 26 conversations later, we had “Dinner With Racers”. Dedicated to long-form, unstructured conversations, Ryan and Sean meet up with drivers, engineers, team owners, business types, and media stars across a number of motorsport disciplines including IMSA, InydCar, NASCAR, Global Rally Cross and more. But you can’t have “Dinner With Racers” without the dinner.


So where did Ryan and Sean eat 26 meals? We cooked it all up into one list…right here…for you! Check out these favorite eats of racers across the US. And tune into an episode (or two) of “Dinner With Racers” while you’re on your way there.


  1. Andy Lally – Ammazza in Atlanta, GA

  2. Bob Varsha – Folk Art in Atlanta, GA

  3. Rutledge Wood & Tanner Foust – Phoned in a pizza that was eaten in an undisclosed hotel lobby in LA. No further information was given.

  4. Spencer & Tom Pumpelly – Raging Burrito in Decatur, GA

  5. Katherin Legge – Zuma Sushi in Atlanta, GA

  6. Beaux Barfield – Hungry’s in Houston, TX

  7. Jeff Bruan – Sorry folks, this was a home cooked meal in Oval, TX.

  8. The SpeedFreaks – Hillside Spot in Phoenix, AZ

  9. Patrick Long – Deus Ex Machina in Venice, CA

  10. Oriol Servia – Tsukiji Sushi Sen in Santa Monica, CA

  11. CJ Wilson – Las Barcas in Huntington Beach, CA

  12. Erik Valdez – The Canoe House in South Pasadena, CA

  13. Paul Pfanner – The Citrus Café in Tustin, CA

  14. Marshall Pruett – The Smoking Pig in Fremont, CA

  15. Memo Gidley – Sol Food in Mill Valley, CA

  16. Gill Campbell – Turn 12 in Monterey, CA

  17. Sean Johnson – Hub51 in Chicago, IL

  18. Derrick Walker – BBI deli in Indianapolis, IN

  19. Bryan Clauson – Matt the Miller’s in Carmel, IN

  20. Sarah Fisher – Tegry Bistro in Indianapolis, IN

  21. Simon Pagenaud – Port City Club in Cornelius, NC

  22. Bill Riley – Bill’s back deck. This is not open to the public.

  23. Jordan & Ricky Taylor – They made the Big Green Egg do work. Maybe they will Tweet you a recipe if you ask nicely.

  24. Tommy Kendall – Some undisclosed location in New Smyrna, FL

  25. Shea Adam – BurgerFi in Tampa, FL

  26. Liam Dwyer – The Orange Tree in Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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