Don’t Discount the Mini Road Trip

Don’t Discount the Mini Road Trip

29Jul 2015

When you think road trip you think wide-open roads, cooler full of snacks, good music, great friends and no less than three days to capture it all. Not true. We took a road trip while in Denver, Colorado at the Major League Soccer (MLS) All Star game. It was a trip that lasted just over four hours (for a total of just one hour on the road), but it was a trip that produced a lifetime of memories.

When we gave Chicago Fire goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, a handful of tickets to the Chipotle Homegrown game, he knew he wanted to bring a few lucky fans along. We said okay and a mini road trip was in the making. We immediately lined up a tour bus wrapped from top to bottom in yellow vinyl, sporting a soccer-inspired design on the side. Sean found a group of enthusiastic fans via Twitter: two Colorado Rapids fans, two DC United fans, one couple who had never been to a soccer game, and two families with a total of six young kids who were avid soccer fans. We loaded everyone on the bus and we were off to Dick’s Sporting Good Park.

As the bus rolled through the streets of Denver, Sean made his way through the bus acting as the perfect host. Guests enjoyed sandwiches and drinks and Sean even shared a hidden talent, using a water bottle to remove a bottle cap. Who knew that was possible? We pulled up to the venue and immediately got off the bus for a group photo with our ride for the day. Then it was off to the game. For 90 minutes, Sean interacted with each guest as he gave his expert analysis of the game, danced with the kids, and even made a run to the concession stand bringing back nachos and drinks for all of his new friends. Oh yes, and don’t forget scarf tying 101!

Smiling from ear to ear, our road trippers were dancing and laughing, and while not everyone came as a group, in four hours they became one. Sharing the bond of that one, brief road trip that can never be duplicated. In just over four hours, this mini road trip produced a lifetime of memories…and maybe a few new Chicago Fire and Sean Johnson fans. So when planning a road trip, you don’t always need to pack an overnight bag. Sometimes it’s about finding the right people, the right destination, and having an open mind to let the fun happen while rolling down the road.