#DWR3, The Third Season of “Dinner with Racers” Launches Today

#DWR3, The Third Season of “Dinner with Racers” Launches Today

21Nov 2017

Continental Tire agreed to pick up the check for a third season of “Dinner with Racers”, and oh what a season it will be! Furthering their commitment to awful life choices and declining health, the epic third season of “Dinner with Racers” launches today, setting a number of new milestones for hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman. Driving a record number of miles to record the highest guest count in series history, the team is proud to release the first wave of recordings to the public today, boasting a remarkable guest list that includes everything from Formula 1 World Champions, to NASCAR Monster Energy Cup champions, Indy 500 champions, and Ryan Lewis.


As a motorsport podcast focusing on meeting with some of the most interesting characters in motorsports, “Dinner with Racers” features an un-structured format in which the hosts meet up with drivers, team owners, engineers, journalists, and a variety of industry veterans in search of some of the most legendary tales of racing and beyond. But how did they get there? And who did they talk to?


Driving a 13,000 mile journey over 34 days to meet with 29 guests, the duo and their Acura MDX, shod with Continental Cross Contact LX Sport tires, drove further and longer than any season prior. Passing through 25 states along the way, the total mileage for the series has now eclipsed the size of Earth’s circumference, as well as approximately 10,000,000 calories consumed exclusively at gas stations along the way


Meeting with some of motorsports most influential and storied characters, this year’s journey is labelled as the season of “holy s***!!” by the hosts.


Beginning their season with Dario Franchitti, a three-time Indy 500 winner and four-time IndyCar series champion, the trip continues through an amazing journey that meets up with legends like Mario Andretti and Tony Stewart, as well as some of the more unique careers of guests like Shane Hmiel and Jeremy Mayfield. Enjoying unstructured, long-form conversation “over dinner,” stories throughout the season range from multiple accounts of getting robbed at Taco Bell, two different accounts of life with a pet pig, and getting a hickey from Dale Earnhardt.


The series was once again sponsored by Continental Tire, who “picked up the check” for all of the meals, as well as Acura who allowed Eversley, a factory racer for Acura and HPD Motorsports, to put all 13,000 miles on his company car.


For Eversley, the continuation of the series is a testament to the support of the fan and motorsport community.


“HOLY SH**!!” stated Eversley. “What an unbelievable season we have in store. It’s unreal who we had join us this year, but even more incredible is the stories they told. To have the caliber of guests that we had join us, and give us an insane amount of time and be as open as they were, is something that’s hard for Sean and I to fathom. We couldn’t be happier with how this year’s trip went, and I think the fans will be blown away. I hope it’s as much fun to listen as it was to produce, this has been an incredible project for all of us.”


At the time of this release, Sean Heckman’s whereabouts were unknown.


The first 12 recordings, spread across 15 episodes, are available now, with the remaining conversation to be posted in December. Everything can be heard at dinnerwithracers.com, as well as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and wherever free podcasts are sold.



Releasing Now:


Dario Franchitti

Dr. Jerry Punch

Scott Dixon

Doug Boles

Robin Miller

Dorsey Schroeder

Ryan Lewis

Craig Hampson

Brian Till

Mario Andretti

Parker Kligerman

Scott Tucker



Coming in December:


Jeremy Shaw

Alwin Springer

Cole Pearn

Paul Tracy

Lyn St. James

Willy T. Ribbs

Alex Bowman

Ryan Blaney

Tony Stewart

Chocolate Myers

Robby Gordon

Jeremy Mayfield

Shane Hmiel

Tommy Byrne

Doug Boles

Brian Redman

Josef Newgarden