Fort Mill, S.C.

Continental Tire’s passion for the game runs deep and we’re excited to share the passion of fans and their stories of what soccer means to them.

We partnered with COPA90 to showcase the dedication and excitement of fans from around North America.

Ode To Soccer - We Are United

Together as one, you stand with your club. In good times and bad. Through wins and through losses. You are there. You proudly wear your club colors and stand for your club. That's what being a supporter is about.

Ode To Soccer - We Are Loud

There is a 12th player at each soccer match. It is you, the supporter. You cheer for the successes, you encourage when times are tough, but no matter the match, you are always there. Cheering loud...that is your job. That is your contribution to your club.

Ode To Soccer - What Sets Your Team Apart From the Rest

You're unique just like your club. One of a kind. You are part of what makes your club unique. You are a piece of your club’s personality. What sets your club apart from the rest?

Ode To Soccer - It's Your Club

Your club, your colors. They are part of the fabric of who you are. They are etched into your makeup and you cannot deny your passion for the sport they call the beautiful game, or your club. You stand proud, side-by-side with fellow supporters and chant the name of your club each week. Like it's your job. It's your club.