On The Road With Sean Johnson: Boston

On The Road With Sean Johnson: Boston

23May 2016

Goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, currently plays in Major League Soccer (MLS) for the Chicago Fire and is also a member of the US Men’s National Team. Go on the road with Johnson this year as he gives you a player’s view into each MLS city, as only he can do. Take a look:


Just had to make a quick stop for fuel, then we were back up and on our way to the next city on our road trip, Boston!


This was a city, that to be honest, I didn’t know much about which makes it that much more interesting. I’m sure it’s no secret that Bean Town has one of the richest sports traditions in history known to man, but I wanted to unlock the things you fans never get to hear about.


As soon as I saw we were playing the New England Revolution, I already knew who I was going to sit down with: the man himself, Juan Agudelo. Aka Swagudelo, aka J smooth, aka…you get the point. Where do I start with this kid? One of the most humble people that I know if you couldn't tell from the nicknames (ha ha). He constantly sets the bar high when it comes to swagger so don't be fooled when you see our picture at the top of the page. We most definitely had a photo shoot to find the perfect pose!


Juan has been in Boston now for a couple seasons and probably claims to have the keys to the city. He also shares a passion for cars and racing so you can only imagine how our sit down went, could have talked cars until I left Boston! But we got to the good stuff and indeed it seemed like he helped map out the city when it was being built. Let’s take an insider look at Boston from his view:


SJ: Tell me a little bit about Boston? There’s a lot of sports history here so what’s the atmosphere?

JA: Besides the traffic, it’s good. Everyone’s pretty intelligent about sports. They’re well educated. With all the colleges here, a lot of people are already enthusiastic about sports and then it builds up to the Red Sox, The Patriots, all the successful teams, including the Rev’s. If I had to pick the most popular team in Boston, first would be the Red Sox and tied for second would be the Bruins (people go crazy for hockey here) and the Patriots.


SJ: What can fans expect when they go to a New England Revs game?

JA: You can expect a lively team and a really, really nice stadium. It’s updated everywhere, the VIP area, club sections, maybe because the Patriots play here too. It’s a good atmosphere and the best thing about it is everyone can hang out before the game because there’s an entire mall next to the stadium. Movie theaters, bowling alleys, you can have a full day there. There’s an ice rink in the winter. Not only can you be there for the game, but you can be there for the whole day with your family.


SJ: What’s the best way to get around Boston?

JA: I’m from New York City and the New Jersey area and I take the train. It’s a lot more confusing to take the train in Boston though. I would say a bicycle. You rent a bicycle and you can get anywhere. It’s a pretty packed city with good views. There are rivers running through the city so you can ride your bike next to the river and in between big buildings and historic places. I wouldn’t try to hide underground, I would stay above ground. With a bike, there’s no traffic.


SJ: What do you drive?

JA: I drive a BMW X5 but my dream car is a BMW i8. I’ve always had a Beamer. My first car was a 3 Series and I just bought a X5 last year. Trying to stay loyal to BMW.


SJ: You’re from New York so how does Boston pizza compare to New York pizza?

JA: I was actually surprised. It’s tough to beat the guys in Brooklyn but in North Boston there’s a pretty good pizza place called, Regina Pizza. I like it because they make a really thin crust and it’s all about the cheese with a little bit of tomato. It’s all about the cheese, the cheddar, you know what I mean?! I also like El Paisa II Restaurant.


SJ: Are there any hidden gems in Boston?

JA: The best place is under Fenway Park called, Blazing Paddles. There’s a bar that’s sick. It’s two floors and it’s all about ping pong (like five of them). It’s an active bar and I like that. I don’t like standing around. They have corn hole, it’s a popular place. It’s a place that everybody should definitely go to. Another active place that’s out of the ordinary is a place called, Escape The Room. You go into a room with a group of people and you find clues and you try to escape the room. There’s two different types of rooms. One where you’re trying to get out of a zombie apocalypse and you have to find the cure. You go into a room and it’s a chemistry guy’s room and you have to find codes to locks and the code was the number of protons in the periodic table. It’s fun!



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