On The Road With Sean Johnson: Dallas

On The Road With Sean Johnson: Dallas

25Jul 2016

Goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, currently plays in Major League Soccer (MLS) for the Chicago Fire and is also a member of the US Men’s National Team. Go on the road with Johnson this year as he gives you a player’s view into each MLS city, as only he can do. Take a look:


After a big win at home, you guessed it…we were packing up to hit the road again! But this time it’s a little different, I was not on this trip to Dallas. If you are like me, and think we travel a ton then you are absolutely spot on. Some stretches, like this one, we have a lot of games in a very short amount of time. 4 games in 2 weeks meant I was staying home to rest after a demanding couple weeks. Since I wasn't there I had my partner in crime, Matt Polster (teammate and prodigal son), be my stand in after the game (see above pic)!


In the past, I’ve traveled to Dallas many times so I’m no stranger to the name but it’s also a city that I haven't really gotten a chance to explore! So often its land, rest, play, and then fly out and you just get used to that routine. I was so curious to find out about D-Town but I really needed someone who knew the town well to help me out; a soccer player from Texas who was really familiar with the town. I had the perfect man for the job, Kellyn Acosta!


I first met Kellyn this year in US Men’s National Team camp in January. Great player with a personality to match! Not only in he from Texas, but he is lucky to have played in his home state for FC Dallas since the start of his professional career (4th season). So if anyone could give me the lowdown on Dallas, it was him! Let’s hear what he had to say:


SJ: What are your favorite restaurants in Dallas?

KA: One of my favorite restaurants in Dallas has to be Estillo Gaucho which is a Brazilian steakhouse. The filet mignon is my fav. My go-to pretty much. 


Next up is good ole Benihana. I got there once a week because I think it's that good. Samurai treat is what I always get. Shrimp and you guessed it, filet mignon. Compliments well with the veggies and fried rice.


I love me some sushi. So if you're in Dallas I recommend Naan at the Shops or The Blue Fish. Both places have good vibes and great sushi.


SJ: You’re from Texas, what does playing in front of your hometown (FC Dallas) crowd mean to you?

KA: Playing in my hometown in front of my friends and family is a dream come true. FC Dallas formerly, Dallas Burn, was the team I grew up watching and wouldn't trade the experiences. This club has given me everything and hopefully I can give them back a championship. It's always a great feat knowing that an organization has so much pride and belief in you. 


SJ: What’s the vibe of Dallas?

KA: Dallas has a cool vibe. Pretty different from most cities. I live in the suburbs of Dallas called Frisco (where the stadium is located) and each city has a different feel. The soccer aspect of the game is definitely growing in my area and it's a great site to see. I see a lot of pickup games of soccer rather than kids shooting hoops. Pretty crazy.


SJ: Best hidden gem that in your city?

KA: Best hidden gem is a tough one. Everything is pretty much straight forward. Dallas has it all basically from shops to restaurants to zoos to sports. Dallas is where it's at.


SJ: Best breweries/pubs/bars in your city to watch a soccer match?

KA: There are a few breweries nearby. The Londoner across the street is cool. I believe it's an Irish pub. I don't know much about breweries since I'm only 20 can't exactly drink yet. Lol


SJ: What’s your dream car?

KA: My dream car that's potentially realistic is a Porsche Cayenne. I don't know why but I've always loved them since I was a kid. My goal in the next few years it's to get a tricked out one, something Xzibit would be proud of from Pimp My ride.


SJ: Any forms of public transit that make it easy to navigate the city?

KA: Dallas isn't like NYC or any of those so you can pretty much drive anywhere. Traffic only gets bad during rush hour around 5 or 6. You could use the DART train to get to downtown but it's not even worth it. Everything is remotely close. 



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