On The Road With Sean Johnson: Denver

On The Road With Sean Johnson: Denver

22Jun 2016

Goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, currently plays in Major League Soccer (MLS) for the Chicago Fire and is also a member of the US Men’s National Team. Go on the road with Johnson this year as he gives you a player’s view into each MLS city, as only he can do. Take a look:


Back on the road again! This time I was headed to Denver, Colorado. Brought back memories of last year's All Star game when I got a chance to surprise some lucky fans with a road trip to the game.


I've been to Denver a handful of times but rarely do I spend my time outside of the hotel. From the plane ride in, you can tell it's definitely a scenic city with views that are incredible. But there's a lot more to Denver than first meets the eye...including the defending Super Bowl champs (I'm an Atlanta Falcons fan so...yeah).


One of the great things about traveling to Denver is that I get to catch up with my friend and fellow goalkeeper, Zac MacMath. I've known Zac for quite a while, having played with him at the youth national team levels and grown up together in MLS. Being his second season in Colorado, he was the man on the hot seat to help me give you guys a better feel for Denver and uncover some hidden gems:


SJ: How would you describe Denver?

ZM: I would describe Denver as a melting pot of people from around the country. People that just wanted a change, went West and found Denver. There’s plenty to do here with the outdoors, the mountains being so close, with skiing and snowboarding and all that stuff and obviously, a big sports town.


SJ: What are some of your other favorite sports here in the city?

ZM: Obviously last year was a pretty big year for the Broncos so that was pretty exciting for the city of Denver and being here for all that was pretty amazing. I go to a lot of the Colorado Avalanche and Nuggets games and I’ve been to a few Rockies games as well. It’s nice that all the sports venues and arenas are pretty close together downtown and within walking distance of the downtown area.


SJ: How as the city after the Super Bowl?

ZM: It was crazy! There were people everywhere on the streets. Even now, you see people flying Broncos stuff flying high everywhere.


SJ: Are you a Broncos fan?

ZM: I am not a Broncos fan, I’m an Eagles fan. I didn’t have any weight in the fight but I was pretty happy to see the Broncos win.


SJ: What are some popular areas downtown?

ZM: I live in the Lodo area, it’s about two blocks away from Coors Field. It’s a big, young professional area and there are a ton of apartment buildings going up left and right. As I said, there’s a ton of people who move here to Denver every month and every couple months there’s a new apartment building going up.


SJ: What are some of your favorite restaurants?

ZM: I like going down to the Larimer Square area. There are a few of the best restaurants all within a block of one another. So I like walking down there to cool places, take a stroll at night.


SJ: Is there a supporters bar for the Rapids?

ZM: Yeah we have a few. The two biggest that I know of are the British Bulldog and the Celtic Tavern. They are in downtown and they do a lot of specials where fans can show up to the bar and take a bus to and from the Rapids game.


SJ: How is public transportation in Denver?

ZM: They have a Light Rail here that can get you around within all the suburbs in Denver and they recently just finished a route to the airport.


SJ: Any hidden gems in the city?

ZM: The Red Rocks Ampitheatre is about 20 minutes outside of downtown and it’s definitely one of those bucket list things everyone should go to. I was there about a week and a half ago to see the Lumineers and it was one of the beset concerts I’ve seen. In Lower Highlands (LoHi) is the new hip area with lots of good restaurants and local bars and breweries to stroll into.


SJ: What’s your dream car?

ZM: I would have to say an Aston Martin.


SJ: You’ve been to Chicago and got to drive my Lamborghini. How was that?

ZM: Yeah, it was great. Getting picked up by you in a red Lamborghini, it was my first time being in a Lambo and thankfully you let me drive it down the highway a little bit and that was pretty surreal. A lot of power in that car. A little bit scary but at the same time, one of the best drivers I’ve ever had.


Follow Zac MacMath on Twitter @ZacMacMath and the Colorado Rapids @ColoradoRapids.