On The Road With Sean Johnson: Seattle

On The Road With Sean Johnson: Seattle

24Oct 2016

Goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, currently plays in Major League Soccer (MLS) for the Chicago Fire and is also a member of the US Men’s National Team. Go on the road with Johnson this year as he gives you a player’s view into each MLS city, as only he can do. Take a look:


With our road trips coming close to an end, we found ourselves in a tough spot with a scenario that was win or go home in order to keep our playoff hopes alive. Seattle proves to be a tough place to play but we weren’t backing down from the challenge. After all, we finally would get to play in weather that didn't leave our jerseys sopping wet after warmups. Unfortunately we didn't end up winning the match but can’t stop now…we still had 4 games left to play.


The positive of the trip is that Seattle is one of my favorite cities. It’s a scenic city much like the other major cities in the Pacific Northwest that is full of great people and so much to do! If you weren’t already aware, Seattle was the city in which Starbucks was created so if you needed a reason to like the city…there ya go! The first Starbucks is located at Pike Place Market, which has tons of great food, arts, and you can’t go there without throwing a fish (just take my word for it and do it!).


I didn't have to think hard about who I was going to sit down with to help me give you fans an insider look into this amazing city. Jordan Morris, a first year Seattle native and United States Men’s National Team player, would undoubtedly be my guy. He has been a tremendous pickup for the Seattle Sounders. Let’s see not only what makes it special for him to play in his hometown but also what makes the hometown he lives in so special:


SJ: What makes Seattle such a great city? (Alkai beach and hiking in Snoqualmie)

JM: For me, there are a lot of different things. I grew up just outside of Seattle but you obviously have the city and lots of different stuff going on. If you love city life, you can be in the city where it’s really energetic and lots going on. There’s water where people can enjoy time on their boats and then 20-30 minutes away are the mountains where people can go up and enjoy skiing in the winter and enjoy time up in the mountains. To me, there are a lot of different activities that people can enjoy and do.


SJ: Are there any hidden gems in your city?

JM: There’s a place called Alkai beach and I don’t think a lot of people outside of Seattle know about that. It’s a big place people hang out in West Seattle. There’s a lot of shops around there, there’s a lot of good restaurants. Up in the mountains people don’t know about the hiking trails in Snoqualmie. There’s a bunch of cool hiking trails and it’s fun to escape the city life and get up in nature so that’s cool.


SJ: Seattle has a great food scene, what are some of your favorite?

JM: There’s a place called Red Mill Burgers which is a local burger place, great burgers and great shakes, I go there with my family a lot. There’s a breakfast place called Portage Bay which is in the middle of the city, closer to the water in a cool area. Their portions are huge and they have a toppings bar for the waffles and pancakes. There’s a place called Daniel’s Broiler in the same area. A little steakhouse there on the water that I don’t go to very often but it’s a good place for a date night to take your significant other.


SJ: Describe how it feels to play in your hometown/in your stadium.

JM: It’s been awesome! It’s cool to have been from around here and been to so many games as a fan and now to be on the other side and playing in front of the fans. I know, playing in front of my family, exactly where they sit in the stadium so walking out I can look up and give them a wave. To play in front of my friends it’s a dream come true and obviously I’m a little bias but our fans are awesome. We get 35,000 – 40,000 fans per game and they’re loud so it’s great.


SJ: Do your fans have any cool traditions?

JM: Yes, March to the Match. I can’t remember exactly where they start but they start near the stadium and march their way in singing all the songs so it’s a pretty cool tradition that they have going on.


SJ: If fans weren’t able to make it into the stadium, do you have a supporters bar or area where they could go to catch a game?

JM: There are a bunch of bars around the stadium where fans can go. One that comes to mind is Atlantic Crossing. It’s not right by the stadium but in the city and it’s the official bar of the Sounders.


SJ: I’m a car guy so I’m curious what is your favorite car?

JM: I’m not a huge car guy. I had a Jeep Cherokee in High School so when I came back I wanted to continue that so I got a newer Jeep Cherokee.


SJ: Is there good public transportation in your city? (Link Light Rail)

JM: There’s the Light Rail that some people use. It’s from the airport and it’s a good way to get to games. A lot of people use the Metro bus system.


SJ: What are your other favorite cities to play in?

JM: Toronto was really cool. Where we stay in the middle of the city, I had never been before and it’s a really cool city. Going to the new stadium was really nice. The whole experience of staying right downtown and the new stadium was pretty cool. New York was fun too, we played the Red Bulls and stayed a little outside the city. It was cool to be there and experience the energy of New York. I think Red Bulls stadium is my favorite away stadium I’ve played in.


SJ: You have 10 seconds to tell fans why they should come to your city…go!

JM: Coming in the summer is super nice, really great weather. Coming to a Sounders game is awesome. Best fans in the league, really exciting and close to a European atmosphere.


Follow Jordan Morris on Twitter @JmoSmooth13 and Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC.