On The Road With Sean Johnson: Toronto

On The Road With Sean Johnson: Toronto

24Oct 2019

Goalkeeper, Sean Johnson, currently plays in Major League Soccer (MLS) for the Chicago Fire and is also a member of the US Men’s National Team. Go on the road with Johnson this year as he gives you a player’s view into each MLS city, as only he can do. Take a look:


After a short stay in Chicago, my bags were packed again and wheels up to Toronto!


It's hard to decide what city in Canada that we travel to that I like the most, but Toronto is definitely up there. Flying into the airport then taking a ferry across the water is the first time you really get to experience the "views" of Toronto. Drake is a popular artist known for his ties to the city and it’s easy to see why he’s so proud of Toronto.


There are so many features that make this city great! I was lucky to experience this city during the Film Festival a few years ago and the city came to life if it wasn't already booming enough! I can only imagine what this city has to offer that I've yet to experience.


We played a tough match against Toronto FC and for my insider into the city I was of course going to use my good friend, and player, Justin Morrow. He scored the deciding goal and was man of the match (He is holding the award in the picture lol) which was pretty cool. He also holds some great knowledge of the city having been here for a couple years so let's hear what he had to say about Toronto:


SJ: What’s the vibe of Toronto?

JM: I was traded to Toronto in 2014 and that was my first season here. My wife and I have loved it from the start. It’s a big city feel with a sense of community as well. The Canadians are amazing and they are so nice. I didn’t know much about Toronto but since we’ve been here, it’s been awesome.


SJ: Are there any big festivals people should keep on their radar?

JM: There’s always something big going on in Toronto. The International Film Festival is later in the summer and they shut down the city for a week for that. There are celebrities that come in and all kinds of films playing. It’s cool to just walk around on King Street and be a part of it. They are big on music festivals here, whichever genre of music you like. Obviously Drake is big in the city so they have the OVO Music Festival coming up soon and he always puts on a big show for that and brings in some celebrities.


SJ: Speaking of Drake, he always mentions the Six, what’s that all about?

JM: The Six has got to do with the area code here. He’s always repping that and that’s kind of become Toronto’s symbol.


SJ: On his album cover he is sitting on top of that tower?

JM: That tower is called the CN Tower. They have a spinning restaurant up there and nice views of the city. It’s pretty cool.


SJ: What are some of your go to restaurants in Toronto?

JM: I used to live on King Street where a lot of the nice restaurants are. I go to Patria for Spanish food, I get tapas and paella. For Italian food I would probably head over to Buca.


SJ: Any hidden gems in the city?

JM: I would say King Street is the entertainment district. That’s where all the night clubs and nice restaurants are. Queen Street West is a trendy area but it’s not as upscale so it’s a little laidback. There’s a nice park there called Trinity Bellwoods and they have some nice boutique shops there and some other places there that people like to walk up and down.


SJ: What’s the atmosphere at a Toronto FC game?

JM: It’s incredible! We talk about it with the team all the time. The new stadium, they’ve been changing it every year, this year they added the roof and that changes the atmosphere completely. It’s louder in there and the fans are passionate. They have the boom boom clock cheer going on now. I don’t know if they stole that from Seattle or what but I’m not complaining because it’s so loud when they do it and it’s something to be proud of. It’s got to be tops in the league as far as fields with the grass in there, right in the middle of the city, the location is amazing. We love it here!


SJ: How do the Toronto fans prepare to go to a match?

JM: I am sure of one specific thing. I know the fans always get together before the game and they do a march over to the stadium and it starts in Liberty Village at a restaurant called Brazen Head. Early in the day or mid-afternoon you can see red everywhere with families coming together to walk over to the stadium together.


Follow Justin Morrow on Twitter @justmorrow and the Toronto FC @TorontoFC.