Soccer Spotlight: Carlos Vela, LAFC, Forward

Soccer Spotlight: Carlos Vela, LAFC, Forward

As the LAFC and the LA Galaxy gear up to face off this Friday night as part of Major League Soccer’s Heineken Rivalry Week, we’re taking a look at LAFC Forward Carlos Vela, who is in this week’s Continental Tire Soccer Spotlight.

The game will take place in front of a sold out crowd at the StubHub Center and can be viewed on ESPN beginning at 10:30 PM ET.

Q. Away from the game do you play any video games?

A. I don't play soccer video games, but I play NBA games. I'm very good! I don't pick a specific team - I'm good with all of the teams!

Q. Who gave you your greatest piece of advice?

A. My parents. They told me to enjoy what I do. If you like soccer, then you have to always try to be the best but always enjoy it.

Q. Why did you pick soccer as your sport?

A. I started playing at a very young age because my dad and my two older brothers all played soccer. So I wanted to play as well. I started to play when l was a kid and now l am here. It is a big dream. I played basketball too. I had to make a choice, and I thought I was better at soccer. I liked to watch basketball a lot more, but I’m not good enough to play it professionally.

Q. How important is team camaraderie?

A. I think it is very important because I can't win by myself, it's a team sport. We have to be all together. The best team is when you feel like you're a team. I do my job, but if I can help you, I will help you as well because I want to do the best for you as well. I think that's very important on a team.

Q. Do you have any funny travel stories?

A. A couple of years ago, l was a sleep walker. One day right before a game, in a hotel, l woke up on a different floor, in only my boxers, carrying my shoes, totally disoriented. When I went back to my room, my teammate was sleeping and didn't open the door so I had to go down to the lobby and ask them to give me a key – in only my boxers, carrying my shoes. It’s funny now, but it wasn't funny in the moment! They thought it was a little bit strange, but they did give me the key.