Soccer Spotlight: Ignacio Piatti, Montreal Impact, Midfielder

Soccer Spotlight: Ignacio Piatti, Montreal Impact, Midfielder

19Apr 2018

As the Montreal Impact revs up for its game against LAFC this Saturday, we put midfielder Ignacio Piatti in this week’s Soccer Spotlight. Read more to find out how Piatti betters himself as a soccer player with each game and why he chose soccer as his sport when he was a young boy.

Q. What has been your biggest accomplishment?

A. Winning the Copa Libertadores in Argentina with San Lorenzo. It was the first time San Lorenzo won the Copa Libertadores, and I felt accomplished and felt like I did my job.

Q. How do you continually improve yourself as a soccer player?

A. When you are playing you know where you made a mistake and afterwards you review it and fix it. I try to practice during training and when it is game time try to do better in the game.

Q. What are your favorite TV shows?

A. I watch a channel from Argentina, Argentina TV. I like to watch Breaking Bad, Lost, Homeland. When I play at away games, I’ll watch them on the trip or in the hotel.

Q. Have you had any challenges that you’ve had to overcome?

A. My grandfather passed away and that was hard for me because he taught me how to play soccer. I just remember that whenever I play it makes him happy – especially when I score it makes him happy.

Q. Why did you choose to play soccer?

A. I always liked soccer from the beginning – I wanted to do it as a career knowing in Argentina everybody plays soccer and that it’s tough but I just loved it. I started learning and playing when I was five or six years old. When I realized I could maybe make a career out of it was when I was 16 years old when I was playing in a youth club.