Soccer Spotlight: Kendall Waston, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Defender

Soccer Spotlight: Kendall Waston, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Defender

13Jul 2018

When we sat down with Kendall Waston ahead of the 2018 Major League Soccer (MLS) season, what stood out the most was Kendall’s fun nature and energy. He doesn’t lack it! The passion that he has for the sport of soccer is second to none and he exudes it in every way.

Kendall is fresh off of his trip to Russia for his first World Cup where he played for Costa Rica – starting and scoring a goal in the match up against Switzerland.

Read about what the sport means to Kendall as Continental Tire celebrates soccer!

Soccer Spotlight: Kendall Waston, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Defender

What's been your most memorable soccer moment?
My first year against Colorado when I scored and qualified us for the playoffs. (we have a feeling this answer may have changed following his World Cup goal!)

What has been your best fan moment?
To see a kid cry when I hug him. lt's very emotional.

How much motivation does it give you when you hear the passion of the crowd?
A lot - it's like an extra push. Sometimes you are running and tired but you hear the crowd so that motivates you to go harder. The Vancouver fans are very loyal. Since I’ve been here I've never seen -even if we are losing - any negativity. It is normal in other parts that if you're losing to have your own fans say things, but Vancouver fans never do.

What is the most fun part of soccer? It is a privilege to work doing what you love. It’s amazing ever since I was small, how one goal can make you happy. I was playing in my hometown in the neighborhood with other kids. And then after l joined a team until I left my hometown when I was 15 years old to live alone and chase my dream.

What songs do you like to listen to on game day?

I like salsa as well as reggaeton and Christian music. It's a different mix. I have a new favorite song every other week. What happens is that I hear a new song, and then boom, bye, I move on to the next one!