Soccer Spotlight: Tim Howard, Colorado Rapids, Goalkeeper

Soccer Spotlight: Tim Howard, Colorado Rapids, Goalkeeper

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

l've been lucky, l've had a few big accomplishments. I think probably being able to play in the World Cup is the pinnacle for every player so I think for me that is highest on my list of accomplishments.

How do you set goals for yourself?

You want to win every weekend so that's the goal. Yearly goals are important, I think if you set goals that are too, too far off in the distance, it's hard to keep on track. So as a team, we'll set a goal for what is important this year and then you set mini goals that you want to achieve along the way in terms of point totals or where you want to finish in the table so you can ultimately accomplish your biggest goal.

How do you continually improve yourself as a soccer player?

At my age, this is my 21st season as a professional, and I don't do too much video review. I know when I do well and when I don't. I have some good people around me like my goalkeeper coach who keeps me on the straight and narrow. He does all the leg work and looks at what needs to get broken down and what needs to be improved. l'm not a guy that does a ton of video review. The games come too fast to kind of get bogged down with what happened last week.

What do you think has been the biggest MLS match up of all time?

The one that is fresh in my mind is the MLS Cup that just past simply because you had a rematch of the season before which is always difficult. Seattle was looking to win back to back titles. And then the Toronto team which I think is quite frankly the best team in history based on merit and the fact that they were going for the treble. There was a lot riding on that and it almost felt like Toronto had to win. lt was important for them and what they're building there in Toronto that they had to win. lt was interesting going into that feeling like they were the team that probably should win but last year Seattle was the team that was the underdog as well and they pulled it out so it was an intriguing match up.

What advice do you have for young soccer players that would like to play in MLS one day?

I think you look at every single player that plays in MLS and whether they're stars or not, we all started with the same dream and the same ideas of playing soccer and enjoying it and trying to be better than the guy next to us. You're trying to play on teams that are winning teams and all of a sudden you look up and you're a professional. The parent in me says to have fun, but it's hard because it's not always fun. I think it's important to work hard and to get better all the time. Push yourself and do not accept losing and do not accept second best. Ultimately if you're good enough talent wise and you have the right mentality, that will get you very far.