Soccer Spotlight: Who are the MLS Pranksters?

Soccer Spotlight: Who are the MLS Pranksters?

28Mar 2018

Everything is funny, as long as it is happening to somebody else…

April Fool’s Day has been celebrated since the 1700s – that’s a whole bunch of years for practical jokes! We sat down with several MLS players and learned that while some are definitely pranksters, some are often the targets. Regardless, there’s been some good pranks among players, regardless of the date.

Giovani Dos Santos, LA Galaxy: Last year, I remember I was in a meet and greet with the fans for a signing session. And two random people came up from behind and started to hug me hard. And I’m thinking what the [BLEEP] is that?! and security didn’t do anything at all! I started to go crazy and it was Robby Keane and Steven Gerrard wearing disguises – it was crazy!

(and it was all caught on video! WATCH HERE:

Diego Fegundez, New England Revolution: I remember one day, I forgot it was April Fool’s Day. I got a text from a friend that said he was mad at me and didn’t want to be friends anymore. So I of course called him right away, and he said April Fools – he got me. It’s always fun to play pranks on the rookies like take their stuff away, but I’m really not big on pranks. I’d rather have them done to me, then do them to other people.

Romell Quioto, Houston Dynamo: We were at the practice facility and my teammate was leaving and I just put something into his nose and he walked off freaking out. I’m always ready for him to get me back!

Kendall Waston, Vancouver Whitecaps FC: My wife – she is a bad girl. After our son, we said no more kids. And she came in with a pregnancy test but she covered it up. She said “Kendall look” and I said “you’re pregnant!” and it was a joke obviously. Very bad! I have to think of a good one to get her back! It’s difficult to lie to her so she always knows!

Yoshimar Yotun, Orlando City: I used to prank my teammates. The first one is that one of the guys hides behind another player and somebody pushes him to fall over, that’s one of the ones I used to do. Another one, they used to ask me to put my hands on the table and put two cups on top of it and ask me to remove my hands and I couldn’t do it. One day I stood there for 30 minutes and I couldn’t do it, so I ended up just breaking the cups.

Sean Johnson, New York City FC: I don’t like to play pranks on April Fool’s Day because I’m too scared that I’m not going to know when it’s real and then I’ll freak out. Once the day goes on you forget that it’s April Fool’s Day, and then someone plays a prank. I’d rather not play pranks, because I know it’ll be coming back.

That said, in high school we hoisted one of our coaches trucks onto the actual curbing of our school and it was kind of facing the opposite direction and just chilling in the grass, it probably wasn’t the best thing to do. We were there laughing when he found it but he wasn’t happy and I’m pretty sure we all had to run suicides after that.