Why You Should Love Soccer In America

Why You Should Love Soccer In America

02Jun 2016

Soccer star, Heath Pearce, has demonstrated his skills on teams from the U.S. to Europe. And now, the KickTV host will give you some first-hand, player insight into the beautiful game in this six-part series.

There is no better time to fall in love with soccer in America than now. Though I don’t believe we are anywhere near its tipping point or peak, the game is growing daily and it is something you, yes I mean YOU, should be part of. Over the last 20 years, we’ve traded in football stadiums for soccer ones, empty stands with full ones, and our national team quality is growing. The expectation placed on ourselves is higher than ever.  If those simple reasons don’t make you a fan, let me spend a little more time trying to convince you.

We are at a point where anyone can like any team they’d like, PERIOD. You don’t have to be from there, have family from there or some connection to the city. You can like a team for their fan base, you can like them for their colors or you can like them because they are the best. Whatever team you choose, and for whatever reason, you will likely be embraced with open arms. The community is still small enough that you feel welcome, but large enough to find like-minded fans of the teams you support in just about every city in America.

The in-game experience is one-of-a-kind! Each stadium or game you attend will be uniquely different from the next but a few consistencies are the energy, the noise and the vibes. You don’t even need a ticket in some cities, just enjoy the tailgate experience. The game is now offering it all to you. It’s not a sit-down crowd like the NBA, where people stand for the last two minutes. It’s not the NFL crowd that offers a tailgate experience usually better than the in-stadium experience. It’s soccer! It’s 90 minutes of energy, of passion and it’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive.

If choosing whichever team you want doesn’t work, or you aren’t impressed with the in-game experience, then you are forcing me to play my strongest hand. That hand is your personal connection to the clubs and players. Professional soccer leagues in America are accessible. As a fan, your voice is heard, your thoughts are taken in to account, and your support is APPRECIATED. The discontent of fans in other major sports is growing rapidly. Fans feel that there is a disconnect between the fans, media and the sports clubs. With soccer, I’d be willing to bet that 90 percent of the players in the US, both foreign and domestic, are accessible. They are, for the most part, responsive on all social media accounts, they are honest and are relatable. They engage with the growing fan base as do the clubs. This again plays in to the inclusiveness of the sport.

If you can't get behind a team or a league in America than perhaps you should try your hand at supporting our US National Team. OH- BTW- great timing, they are hosting a summer tournament featuring some of the world’s best talent. We've currently got half of our pool representing us all around the world, while the other half plays in Major League Soccer. We've qualified for every world cup since 1990 and now have a chance to make a deep run in the Copa Centenario, which is the biggest tournament on home soil since the '94 World Cup. 

Regardless of what you take from this piece, the truth remains, all levels of professional soccer in the states are enjoyable and worth your time. I live in NYC and I see fan’s on a daily basis walking around in gear from Seattle, Portland, LA, etc,, etc,, and even Atlanta (not even in the league yet). We accept anyone and everyone from all walks of life and that is what makes supporting the game in the US worthwhile. So pick a team, follow a league, or just support our national team. Welcome aboard!