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Celebrating Soccer

This season, we're telling the stories of the players. The fans. The people who make this sport more than a game - but a way of life. Take a look.

Continental Tire Partners with Alex Morgan in Celebrating Soccer Campaign

FORT MILL, S.C. – Continental Tire has teamed with United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) Co-Captain Alex Morgan as part of its Celebrating Soccer campaign. The initiative celebrates the stories of the people that make soccer the incredible sport that it is: the players, the fans, and the supporters groups.

Morgan is featured in a 2019 Continental Tire commercial that tells the story of her rise to fame, her memorable soccer moments, and her free time spent away from the pitch.

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When Is It Time To Replace My Tires?

The lifespan of a tire depends on a combination of influences including: the driver’s driving habits, climate, road conditions, tire design, and proper tire maintenance.

The big three things to consider are:

Tread Wear - Proper tread depth is essential to prevent hydroplaning and skidding. The minimum tread depth is 2/32” of an inch (1.6 mm).

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Continental Tire Teams with Rutledge Wood

Fort Mill, SC; October 24, 2018 – Continental Tire is pleased to announce a new partnership with Rutledge Wood. The automotive enthusiast and all-around gearhead teamed up with Continental Tire earlier this year, beginning with the Hot Rot Power Tour over the summer.

A long-time fan of the Continental brand, Wood’s personal vehicles are all fitted with Continental tires – including his popular purple “Fundra” which carries the TerrainContactTM A/T tire.

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