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A powerful winter tire for extreme winter driving, featuring outstanding traction performance in both dry and snowy conditions. 

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ExtremeWinterContact™ Specifications for


Load Index 108 2205 lbs

Speed Rating T 118 MPH

Tread Wear 540
Traction A
Temperature A
Article Number 15390200000
Approved Rim Width 6.5 - 8.5
Tire Diameter 29.0 in
Tire Weight 32.6 lbs
Max Load 2205 lbs
Rim Protect Yes
Max Inflation Pressure 51 psi
Side Wall BSW
Overall Section Width 9.4 (7.0) in
Tread Depth 11/32 in
Tire Metric Metric
Load Range XL
Revs Per Mile 716
UTQG 540 A A

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Superior Performance

Designed to deliver powerful traction on snow and ice covered roads, the ExtremeWinterContact™ remains flexible in freezing temperatures, enhancing grip and keeping you on the road. 

The special tread design is engineered to provide maximum grip and enhanced braking capabilities on the snow. The ExtremeWinterContact™ is meticulously designed to get you on the wintry road and keep you there with confidence. 

Mileage 8
Fuel Efficiency 6
Handling 6
Wet Traction 8
Snow Traction 10
Quiet Ride 8



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