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Celebrate the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team

We watch soccer. We sponsor soccer. We LOVE soccer.
Here, we share that love with you.

US Soccer

#USWNT Q&A: Who is the most talkative person on the bench?

These #USWNT players aren't afraid to use their voices, especially while cheering on their teammates.

#USWNT Q&A: Who eats the weirdest food?

Food in pill form. Oatmeal mixed with eggs. Vegan cookies. Some of our favorite #USWNT players definitely have some questionable eating habits.

#USWNT Q&A: Who eats the most junk food?

Which #USWNT player scarfs down the post-game oreos? Brings a lollipop to our Q&A? Recently dubbed the "candy monster"?

#USWNT Q&A: Who would make the best Bond villain?

Bond would be nothing without his greatest nemeses. Who's the Dr. No of the #USWNT - a lethal combination of smarts and mystery with maybe a flair for pranking?

Courage on and off the field

Abby Dahlkemper

From fan to player, Abby Dahlkemper has always celebrated soccer – the game that we all love.

Abby Erceg

Lynn Williams

Denise O’Sullivan

This is MLS

Rising D.C. United midfielder drives the way that he plays - aggressive, but in control

D.C. United center midfielder Russell Canouse is the first to describe his soccer style as commanding and aggressive, the same way he feels when he gets behind the wheel. Learning to drive on the Autobahn as a teenager, Russell gained a sense of control, peace and self-confidence that he taps into on the field for every game. 

For NYCFC’s Sean Johnson, a feeling unlike any other

"Tifo Queen" Vera Zeigler has the vision behind Atlanta United FC’s spectacles of epic fandom

Nicole Hack found a family in soccer, and is helping others do the same